Asset Management

The most cost effective, comprehensive, and customer focused plan on the market for large fleets of residential solar.
We utilize cutting-edge monitoring technology to identify trends and potential issues so we can provide preventive maintenance before system problems occur. This vigilant monitoring ensures the systems in our care achieve or exceed production goals and maximum uptime throughout their lifetime.
Our comprehensive asset management services provide: customer support, monitoring, service dispatch, fleet management, performance guarantee, and reporting, so you can spend less time managing your fleet and more time expanding your business.

Extended Service Plan

Add value to your sales packages while providing peace of mind to your customers.
SST’s Extended Service plan provides Loan, PACE and cash customers with long-term service coverage. ESPs are tailored to our customer requirements, but typically includes access to our trained technical support staff during regular business hours, online service and information access, and low or no cost service for the entire finance term.
Through our Extended Support Plan offerings, your customers can remain worry free while taking advantage of our immense knowledge and experience in residential solar operations and maintenance. Homeowners with ESP gain the security that comes with leasing a system with the financial benefits of solar system ownership.

Field Services

The perfect service solution to compliment your existing management operations.
Our Field Services offer effective in-field resolution coupled with timely reporting for all your residential service needs. This partnership allows us to join your current operations as an independent service department and smoothly execute corrective action and upgrade fulfillment for your customers.
With our existing fleet of vehicles and expert technicians ready to deploy, our field services pair seamlessly with your needs for on-the-ground support and issue resolution.

Backup Services

Backup support to keep your service operations flowing smoothly during unexpected fluctuations in volume and capacity.
Distinct from the tightly integrated operational fulfillment services under SST’s Field Services plan, Backup Services provide our partners with “on-call” service expertise that is always available to handle unanticipated maintenance requirements.
Gain peace of mind knowing that our fleet of vehicles and expert technicians are available to provide emergency back-up for your operations and maintenance department. By leveraging our Rescue Services in times of need, your turnaround times and customer service are unaffected – resulting in smoother operations and happier customers.