SST offers comprehensive PV solar O&M services, from initial commissioning to ongoing system monitoring, supervision and proactive maintenance – all through a suite of needs-based support services. Our O&M services are carefully designed to deliver the technical asset management actions fundamental to ensuring optimal energy production with minimal operation costs. We understand the financial impact of our PV solar O&M services, and the interdependent relationship between O&M and asset management. These factors drive our actions.

The leadership team at SST has been engaged in the installation, O&M and asset management of large-scale SEFs on a global scale for many years. Our PV solar O&M services include:

  • Performance monitoring & service dispatch
  • Issue detection & diagnostics
  • Performance service monitoring
  • Warranty claim management
  • Remote plant controls
  • Power energy forecasting
  • Maintenance scheduling and complete system maintenance
  • Equipment installation, repair, replacement and upgrades

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