SunSystem Technology (SST) is also redefining the standard for excellence in PV solar fleet asset management. As a mission-critical operations and maintenance service provider, SST delivers turnkey O&M service for large fleets of homes. A singular goal drives our operational practices – maximizing system uptime, while optimizing system performance.

SST excels at providing 24/7/365 system care for residential fleets. Our approach to maximizing system uptime for residential systems is the same as our approach to caring for large-scale commercial systems. Through vigilant monitoring, we strive to identify trends requiring action before problems occur. This practice is fundamental to ensuring the systems in our care achieve a lifetime of meeting or exceeding production goals through maximum uptime.

Complete turnkey PV solar fleet asset management and lifecycle care services

  • SST’s proprietary UpTimePortalTM provides unparalleled online tracking and project management capabilities through a customizable dashboard tailored to your requirements
  • Troubleshoot , repair and replace all components including, inverters, monitoring systems, meters, modules, service panels and breakers and racking systems
  • Providing complete component warranty management through a single point of contact
  • Performance monitoring services to ensure KPIs are being tracked diligently and symptomatic trends are brought to resolution before they become problems
  • Transfer of ownership to support residential sales transactions

A Turnkey Solution – The Uptime Advantage PlanTM

SST’s Uptime Advantage PlanTM is a proactive residential residential fleet  PV solar residential fleet asset management program designed to ensure that all required system maintenance is performed, and fleet uptime is maximized. Each plan is unique to the system it is designed for and covers all of the following key aspects of system care:

  • Manage and execute all warranty requirements
  • Module washing schedule tuned to environmental conditions
  • Ensure production goals are met or exceeded, uptime is maximized, and surprises are eliminated
  • Discounted repair rates

SST’s Uptime Advantage Plan program was developed to provide residential fleet managers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their systems are receiving the care required to minimize lifecycle operating costs, while maximizing uptime and operational efficiencies.

To learn more about our  PV solar fleet asset management services and how your residential fleet can benefit from SunSystem Technology’s UpTime Advantage Plans contact us by clicking here.


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