Asset Monitoring

Reduced Truck Rolls –
Reduce Costs!

Annual PM inspections may be cost prohibitive for some systems. This plan ensures the system still receives regular attention and outages do not go unnoticed. Ad-hoc PM inspections allows SST to perform a comprehensive inspection while on site to investigate and repair issues discovered via monitoring. 


You will be notified immediately should any production or non-production issues arrise. 


Historical production analysis will be presented and reviewed to determine if any issues are affecting system output. 


SST provides you with a single point-of-contact for streamlined communication and personal transactions. 


If an issue arrises while you are in the Asset Monitoring program, your work order will be moved to the front of the line

Ready To Go PM Checklist

While a regularly scheduled PM service maybe cost prohibitive for certain sites, bundling the inspection with a reactive maintenance site visit will reduce costs mitigating truck rolls.

When you sign up for Asset Monitoring, we will provide you with a no obligation PM inspection quote. If we do have to visit your site for any reason, we can perform the inspection with your approval.

Works great for smaller sites <50kW

Flat Rate Pricing

SunSystem Technology (SST), the #1 O&M Service Provider in North America for the Commercial Segment, has come up with a solution for asset owners who need a quick response solution but doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it.

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