SunSystem Technology, LLC (SST) will begin offering new, comprehensive residential solar service packages to better provide for partners and solar energy system owners throughout the spectrum of the solar industry. The new service package offerings will allow partners to employ SST as: the service provider for new residential installations, a full-scale fleet management platform, an independent field service department, and/or on-demand service support.

“These new, streamlined service packages will add tremendous value to any solar company’s existing operations,” said Greg Sellers, Vice President of Residential Service at SST. “By selecting the appropriate level of support, our partners can continue focusing on and growing their core operations while SST provides proactive, premium services where and how they are needed most.”

In addition to providing support for partners within the solar industry, the new suite of services includes an Extended Service Plan (ESP) focused on providing expertise to individual homeowners who have purchased their new solar home energy system. The Extended Service Plan provides amenities directly to homeowners like access to SST’s solar concierge, online customer portal, and expert field technicians as well as discounts on additional services like module washing and battery storage add-ons.

Each offering within the new suite of services focuses on providing peace of mind to SST’s partners and system owners by maximizing system performance and energy output. “We’re excited to continue driving the residential solar market forward with our robust infrastructure and expertise,” said Derek Chase, CEO of SunSystem Technology. “By providing this range of services, we can better ensure systems across our service area are producing effectively and providing their owners with maximized benefits.”

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