SunSystem Technology, LLC (SST) announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Baker Energy Team, founded by MLB legend and Baker Energy Team President Dusty Baker. Under the alliance SST will support Baker Energy Team’s growth and business development efforts by providing commercial and residential installation services, as well as ongoing O&M (operations and maintenance) support for Baker Energy Team systems. The alliance allows both companies to leverage their individual strengths toward common goals. “My career has been based on building and being part of winning teams. I really enjoy working with SunSystem Technology and what they bring to the Baker Energy Team,” Said Dusty Baker. “The quality of their work has its basis in their O&M roots and it speaks for itself. I know with SST on my projects I’ve got the best team possible to serve my customers from the beginning of a project until its commissioned – and beyond. SST and Baker Energy Team are in this together for the long run,” Baker concluded.

The strategic alliance provides both companies stronger positioning for competitive bidding through a pooling of capabilities and resources. Baker Energy Team serves as the leading edge in business development efforts and project financing, while SST provides its unique brand of technical expertise in system design, engineering and installation, as well as ongoing O&M and corrective response services once the systems have been completed. With a strong focus on commercial PV solar system development, the Baker Energy Team serves much of the nation with a renewable energy solution to mitigate energy costs and meet sustainability objectives. “We have to take care of mother earth, so that she can take care of us and our children’s children.” Dusty Baker added, “I have lived with solar powering my home for more than ten years. It has not only reduced my cost of electricity, but it makes me feel good that I’m doing so in a sustainable way that is helping our environment. I invest my money where my heart is, and I want the customers Baker Energy Team serves to experience the same passionate feelings I have about renewable energy.”
SunSystem Technology and Baker Energy Team have recently completed two commercial projects and have several more in their mutual pipeline. “We are especially honored to work with the Baker Energy Team,” said Mehrad Saidi, CFO SunSystem Technology. “There is a good deal of strategic capital in our alliance and our companies share a common culture of quality that drives our efforts. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.” Baker Energy Team and SST are individually based in the greater Sacramento region and serve the U.S. market.